Art, Science and the future of Humanity

On a good day, my mind wanders between the worlds of Art and Science.

As a scientist, I create artificial biological systems. My scientific journey aims at inventing novel kinds of medicines, but it also raises fundamental questions about the future of Humanity.

My work as an artist invites the viewer to reflect on how Humanity could be altered by human intervention.

As biotechnologies and artificial intelligence become increasingly powerful, we should reflect on what the next step in human evolution looks like.

Are humans version 2.0 still biological? Will humans free themselves from the laws of physics? How would human-directed bioengineering alter human interactions and the principles that govern human societies? Is there still beauty in tomorrow's Humanity? Are we at risk of losing our human identity and our connection to the world? If we did, would it matter?

Scientists should not be the only humans trying to answer these questions. Under democratic principles, all citizens should be given a chance to reflect on how humanity could be modified by emerging technologies.

I create Art, which unlike Science is intuitive and readily accessible to all, in the hope of facilitating a democratic debate around the question of human engineering.


A Hybrid form of expression

My artistic approach draws from the fact that the concept of art is no longer limited to painting, photography, sculpture, installation or video. Novel forms of expression are emerging between and beyond these conventional boundaries. Recent progress in digital technologies drive this paradigm shift.

My work explores these new forms of expression and creates a hybrid language where conventional visual arts such as painting, sculpture and photography, meet performance arts, 3D digital experiences and virtual reality.

Through this creative process, analog meets digital... art meets science... physical reality meets virtual form.

My aim is to use this hybrid form of expression to create art experiences that are deeply immersive.